Labeling at Bevy Electronics

Heat Shrink Labels

Sumimark IV


The Sumimark IV allows us to print labels for harness and cable assemblies. The labels printed on Sumimark product meets SAE-AS5942 quality specifications. This machine enables us to print labels meeting military standards.


The Sumimark IV has a broad range of capabilities including printing Barcodes, Serialized Sequences, Labels, Images, Logos, and text. All standard Windows fonts and styles can be printed.


Print can be added to heat shrink ranging from an OD of 1/16” up to 2.00” and a wide range of lengths to fit various customer specifications


Print can be colored and added to various available colors of heat shrink offering a range of color possibilities

Heat Shrink and Other

Tyco T200 Ident Printer


The Tyco T200 Ident Printer is another printer that can print military grade labels. The labels printed on this unit are normally ordered based on available media.


Tyco’s label products include a wide range of pressure sensitive labels, wrap around labels, high temperature labels, heat shrink labels, etc. The numerous styles of available labels can be found on Tyco’s website .