About Us

Bevy Electronics, Corp

Bevy Electronics, Corp. is a Woman Owned Small Business, located in Bohemia, New York. Our organization incorporated August of 2016 and operates as an electronics manufacturing service (EMS) provider. Bevy was formed to provide reliable & quality service to our stakeholders and deliver a product built with skilled workmanship. The company has grown to handle simple basic assemblies to more complex harness assemblies.

Staying Current

Bevy Electronics is devoted to reinvesting in our organization and growing our resources. Continuing education helps us maintain current industry practices, maintain growth and increase our competitiveness. Bevy offers a variety of manufacturing services to support an array of build to print wire, cable, and harness assembly needs. Services provided range from Class 1 - General Electronic Products through Class 3 - High performance/Harsh Environment Products.

A company designed to handle a variety of work from small to large and simple to complex, Bevy Electronics is a manufacturing source for a variety of services. Visit our services page to learn more. Services at Bevy Electronics page to learn more about what can be done for your organization

To offer our customers the best support assembly orders are done through either consignment and/or full turnkey services. However your organization chooses to do business, great care is taken to see all raw materials through our process so we can deliver a finished product that resembles the workmanship customers expect of Bevy Electronics.

Commitment To Quality

The most important aspect of the services Bevy Electronics offers is the quality of it. For this reason much effort is devoted to ensuring our customers receive this expectation of quality. Visit our quality page to learn more about the quality and inspection services our company offers. Quality At Bevy Electronics .

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide top quality manufacturing services for the electronics industry.

Our Values

It is important to us that the products that leave our hands to yours are of quality that meets the expectations of our customers. We are proud to deliver workmanship that can be counted on time and again.

At Bevy we are committed to timeliness and completeness, so your business runs smooth