Quality is important factor to all and at Bevy Electronics, Corp. we are dedicated to maintaining consistency in the workmanship and manufacturing services we provide. We are a culture dedicated to refining and improving our manufacturing processes. From the moment we receive an order to the moment it is delivered great care is taken to see each job through our systems.

We document every process, providing us with a proven mechanism to replicate our services and products over and over. This gives all our customers peace of mind, knowing every time an order is placed it will be manufactured to the same specifications it was the first time.

Ensuring Quality By:

At Bevy Electronics we manage every processes from beginning to end, following the standards outlined by ISO 9001:2015. All aspects of our operations are implemented, checked, verified and improved whenever possible. Our organization is on a continuous quest to find better more effective ways to provide electronic manufacturing services.

Inspection of raw materials, inprocess assemblies and final inspections are performed on a regular basis. If something is amiss we are moving to take action as quickly as possible so we can get information to our customers immediately. Inspection is has been a significant area of investment for our company, allowing us to automate test and inspection of wire, cable and harness assemblies.

Much care is given to ensure the electronics manufacturing services we provide match the quality you are seeking. We are ready to produce quality cable and wiring harness assemblies for your organization, if you have any questions give us a call.