Bevy Electronics Manufacturing Services

Cut and Strip Services

Our Equipment

We have invested in automated equpment from Schleuniger, allowing us to offer precision custom cut and stripped wire/cable to meet assembly needs. Capability to automate the cutting of small legnths from 2 inches to greater lengths based on needs.

Automated Cut and Strip (and retrain slug)

  • Cut to length with no strip.
  • Cut to length with stip on one end or both ends.
  • Cut to length and twist to specifications.
  • Cut to length stripped and tinned.


  • Small strips of approximately .04".
  • Strip and retaintion of slug, to prvent fraying.

Wire Types

  • Straned wires
  • Solid wires
  • 30 AWG to 12 AWg
  • Cable


  • High Volume
  • Low Volume

Thermal Stripping

Other applications particuarly teflon is better suited to be stripped utilizing thermal strippers. More of a manual process, though, allowing for cleanly strip wires

Organized, packaged, precut and stipped wires for your production needs